A photo of the 3D Sense vape detector vape alarm for schools and hospitality


Breathe With Confidence

3D Sense is an all-in-one safety device for schools and hospitality. It detects air abnormalities wherever it is installed and sends alerts to whoever you designate.

  • Realtime Air Quality Data
  • Air Quality Score
  • AQ Spike Alerts
  • Machine Learning¬†
  • OTA Updates
  • Intuitive Management Dashboard

Why Improve School Air Quality?

Poor Air Quality has been shown to be a detriment to learning outcomes in schools. High CO2 Levels are linked to a 20% decrease in cognitive performance. Poor air quality also increases the likelihood of the spread of airborne illness, keeping children out of school. It can also particularly affect students with asthma and allergies and affect the lung growth of younger children.

What Does It Detect?

3D Sense has a range of sensors. For air quality monitoring, a particulate sensor sends highly accurate real-time ppm air quality index measurements through alerts and through the Triton ClearView Dashboard.

3D Sense measures air quality and detects vaping but it does these two in different ways. For vape detection, a more complicated task, advanced machine learning is applied to sensor data to ensure the accuracy of vape predictions. Learn more about 3D Sense for vape detection.

Where Should It Be Installed?

Where you install 3D Sense depends on how you plan to use it. For air quality monitoring, install 3D Sense in any indoor environment where you would like to ensure good air quality. For vape detection, 3D Sense is usually installed in bathrooms and locker rooms but can be installed anywhere where vaping is a concern.

What Else Does It Do?

3D Sense is the most dynamic Air Quality Monitoring solution. In addition to its AQ functionality, 3D Sense can alert you to vaping, smoking, noise anomalies, and tampering.

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