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Vape Detector Value Proposition

Who Needs A Vape Detector?

Virtually every high school and many middle schools in the U.S. and other countries are effected by the vaping epidemic. Vape Detectors are the best solution to the problem and save dozens of man-hours and wasted time compared to traditional methods?


Why don’t all schools have vape detectors?

The answer boils down to one of two situations: either the school as never heard of vape detectors or they are too expensive.

Where 3D Sense Comes In

When the school has not considered vape detectors before: introducing the innovative vaping solution is a great value-add for schools that many will be compelled to purchase. Show them how it seamlessly integrates with their network and security cameras, how there is a convenient online monitoring and management dashboard, and how hundreds of clients around the world are thrilled with 3D Sense.

When vape detectors are too expensive: Most vape detectors on the market are well above $1,000; usually $1,100 to $1,300 before hefty installation and service fees.

Show your clients that 3D Sense is different. On average, 3D Sense is about 1/3 the unit cost of other vape detectors and most schools are able to install it themselves or use an outside contractor without any pervious knowledge of the product. Schools also save yearly as the 3D Sense cloud fees are lower than most competitors.


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