6 Proven Ways to Stop Vaping at Your School

Vaping is a big problem in schools these days. Kids are vaping in the bathroom, in locker rooms, in the hallways, and even in class! This can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. Vaping is proven to be a gateway drug, and it can lead to nicotine addiction. As more THC and fentanyl-lined devices and products […]

How Vape Detectors Can Help Students Take Back Their Bathrooms

Fighting Back Against the Vaping Epidemic Vapes and e-cigarettes came out in the early 2000s as a way to help smokers quit cigarettes. Since then, the vaping market has expanded rapidly and is a $20 billion a year industry.  Despite the health risks posed by vaping, it has become increasingly popular among teenagers. In fact, […]

11 Reasons Why Schools Should Schools Install Vape Detectors

At Triton Sensors our goal is to help end the vaping epidemic in schools across the country. The dangers of vaping on student health, student productivity, and maintaining a safe environment are well documented. Vaping is rampant in schools, especially in bathrooms and locker rooms where monitoring is difficult and time-consuming. Vape detectors are a […]