How to Use the Triton Sync Web Portal

The Triton Sync portal can be used to register and configure Triton Sensors hardware as well as manage users and notification settings and much more.

This is an in depth guide to using the Triton Sync portal. To begin you will need your admin credentials. The purchaser should have received an email containing these. If you can’t locate them, make sure to check your spam folder or contact

How to Set Up Your Subscription #

Once you log into your account you will be prompted to choose a subscription plan. Click “Go To Plans”

There are three options:

  • Triton Portal School District Subscription: this is for school districts that want to pay for all the devices in all of the schools for their district. Contact for a school code to use for your schools. 
  • Triton Portal School Subscription: this is the only choice for independent schools (or schools that don’t have district sponsorship for the devices).  
  • Triton Portal School District Free Plan: this is for school districts that want their schools to individually pay for their devices. Schools in districts that choose this plan will have to sign up for the Triton Portal School Subscription.
  • Note: if you have already purchase a Triton Sync subscription or have a trial period, please contact or call (800) 305-1617

How to Register a Device #

To register a device click “Register Device” at the bottom of the left toolbar and enter the Device ID that is printed on the top of your device.

Note: only school accounts can register devices, if you have a district account you will need to enter the school account to register a device.

Once the Device ID is entered into the text box, click “Register” and your device will automatically show up in the “View Devices” tab on the top of the left toolbar. Note: Any letters need to be capitalized.

Note: only school accounts can register devices, school district accounts cannot register devices from the district account, they can only register devices inside the school account. School district accounts can see a list of all of their schools and add more schools.

How To Name A Device #

Click on the “Configuration” tab on the top toolbar for the device you want to name. 

Under “Site Information” fill in the “Name” textbox with the chosen device name (ex. Girls Bathroom 2nd Floor).

Click “Save” and click the “View Devices” tab on the left toolbar to ensure the name has been successfully updated. 

Note: Sometimes the name won’t change until you go to the view devices tab.

How to Add, Edit, and Remove Contact Information #

To add/edit/remove a contact (teacher, school administrator, school resource officer, etc.) click “Manage Contacts” on the left toolbar. 

We recommend using the contact feature for anyone that you want to receive alerts but that should not have access to the dashboard.

To add a contact, click “Create Contact” on the top right side of the portal. 

Input your contact’s Name, Email, and Phone Number in the provided fields. Click “Save”. Your contact’s information will appear in a list under the “Contacts” header.

For customer’s outside of the United States, enter phone numbers in E164 format: [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code].

To edit a contact’s information, click the name of the contact whose information you would like to edit. Edit their information and click “Save” when you are done. 

To remove a contact, click the name of the contact whose information you would like to remove and click “Delete” below the contact’s name field. When prompted, click “Yes, delete” if you are asked to verify your deletion.

How to Add, Edit, and Remove Groups #

To add a contact group click “Manage Groups” on the left toolbar. Click “Add Contact Group” or “Create Group”. Add a group name in the provided text field.

To add members to the group, hover over the gray space next to “Member” and on the far right press “Add Contact to Group.” Using the dropdown choose the contact you would like added to the group. Repeat this process for each contact you want in the group. Click “Save” when you are finished.

To edit a group, click the name of the group whose information you would like to edit. Edit the information and click “Save” when you are done.
To remove a group, click the name of the group whose information you would like to remove and click “Delete” in the bottom left. Click “Yes, delete” when prompted. 

How to Add and Remove Dashboard Users and Admins #

Click “Manage Users” on the left toolbar.

  • We recommend using the user/admin feature for anyone that you want to view and manage the dashboard. Contacts only receive notifications.
  • If a user/admin wants to receive notifications, make sure to edit your profile to include your phone number so you can receive text notifications.

Click the blue “Add User” button on the top right of the page.

Fill out the email address, name, and role within the dashboard (user or admin).

Click “Add”, this will send a welcome email to the address provided, along with the user or admin’s login credentials.

How to Add and Remove Notifications #

Navigate to the “Manage Alerts” tab on the device toolbar. 

Click “Add”, and you should be presented with a rule form 

Input the name of the rule, when the rule should be triggered, and the contacts, or group that you would like to notify. 

To add the desired contacts or group for notification, click “ADD CONTACT OR CONTACT GROUP”, then use the dropdown (in the gray space near the gray icon) to select which user in your organization should receive alerts. 

  • Note: if a person is set up as both a user and a contact on the portal, their name will show up twice. Be careful to choose the correct person because often user accounts do not have phone numbers so they won’t be able to receive text messages.

To delete a notification rule, go to the “Manage Alerts” tab from the desired device. 

Select the rule you would like to delete, and click “Delete” in the bottom left corner of the rule form.

How to Implement a Firmware Update #

Click on the “Configuration” tab on the middle toolbar. 

Scroll down to the last field titled, “Firmware.” 

You should see the current firmware of your device, then select the version name of the updated firmware. 

After you have selected the new firmware, click “Deploy Firmware” and wait for the green checkmark, to verify that the firmware updated correctly.

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