Using Advanced Features and Integrations on the Triton Sync Dashboard

The Triton Sync Dashboard offers several advanced features and integration options for managing your devices and data. This guide will explain how to use these features.

Adjusting Alert Settings #

You can customize the operating hours for your device notifications under the “Account Settings” page.

Click on the “Account Settings” page on the left-hand navigation bar.

Navigate to “Alert Settings”.

Customize the operating hours for your device notifications.

For example, you can set the dashboard to only receive alerts during school hours.

Generating Reports #

The “Reports” page provides visual data representation for your devices.

Click on the “Reports” page on the left-hand navigation bar.

View the heatmap, which shows which devices are being triggered most frequently.

View the chart that shows the time of day these devices are being set off.

Creating Charts #

You can create charts of various data parameters for each device under the “Charts” tab.

Go to the “View Devices” tab and click on a specific device.

Navigate to the “Charts” tab.

Create a histogram of various data parameters that we collect, including particulate matter index, VOCs, temperature, and relative humidity.

Export the charts in PDF, Excel file, or CSV format.

Integrating with Video Management Systems #

You can integrate with various Video Management Systems under the “Integrations” tab.

Click on the “Integrations” tab on the left-hand navigation bar.

Because each camera system requires a different integration technique, please follow the provided instructions to integrate with your school’s camera system. 

For example, if a 3D Sense device detects a vape event, it can trigger the camera outside of that location, like the camera pointing at the bathroom door.

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