Monitor Temperature Humidity VOCs Noise Air Quality In Your Building

A photo of Atlas, a vape detector and air quality monitor for schools, offices, and commercial spaces

Commercial Monitor

Humidity and Temperature

  • Real time air quality data for your building
  • Automatic alerts when levels become undesirable
  • Dashboard and app for data access and export

Other Sensors

  • VOCs and AQI
  •  PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10
  • Noise (sound pressure level)
  • Vape Detector


Food Storage and Production

Food producers and storage facilities can use a temperature and humidity monitor to protect their food from spoilage. Excessive heat or humidity can cause bacteria to grow, leading to food spoilage. A temperature and humidity monitor can help ensure that the environment in which the food is stored is within the optimal range for preserving the food.

A construction worker on the job operating machinery

Manufacturing and Warehouse

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities can use a temperature and humidity monitor to ensure that their products are stored in the correct environment. If the temperature or humidity is too high or too low, it can cause the product to spoil or become damaged. By using a temperature and humidity monitor, these facilities can avoid losing money due to spoiled product.

People carrying luggage checking into a modern, sleek hotel

Dining and Hospitality

Commercial air quality monitors like Atlas can help restaurants and hotels in ensuring guest comfort. In particular, temperature and humidity monitors can help track the climate in a room and adjust it as necessary to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for guests. This can be especially important in the summer months when high temperatures and humidity can make a room feel uncomfortable. By using a commercial air quality monitor, businesses can ensure that their guests are always comfortable, no matter what the weather is like outside.

How 3D Sense Works

Simple Install

Atlas can be installed with Power over Ethernet (PoE) so that it can be powered by the network. This allows for a clean and easy installation without having to worry about finding a power outlet near the monitor.


SYNC Dashboard

The SYNC web dashboard helps users to view data and manage users. The dashboard shows the current air quality, as well as past data. This allows users to see how the air quality is changing over time. The dashboard also allow users to manage their alerts. They can set up alerts for when certain metrics are exceeded, and they can change the thresholds for those alerts.

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