A photo of Atlas, a vape detector and air quality monitor for schools, offices, and commercial spaces

3D Sense Vape Detector

The most accurate and affordable solution to end the vaping crisis at your school or district.

  • Detect vaping
  • Deter unhealthy habits
  • Defeat vaping once and for all


Picks up on vaping, smoking, poor IAQ, and other anomalies


Installs easily in any ceiling with a cutout and an Ethernet cable


Detect vape effectively with our advanced sensor and smart software approach


View data and manage users and recipients


Fine-tuned by Triton engineers for high accuracy and low false-positives


Configure each vape detector with unlimited alert contacts and methods


Rugged design resists tampering. Optional wire guards prevent tampering.


Continually updating through the cloud for better accuracy and experience

A photo of Atlas, a vape detector and air quality monitor for schools, offices, and commercial spaces

The Affordable Vape Detector

Simple Setup

Installs with just a click.

  • 3D Sense comes pre-assembled
  • Installation takes only a few minutes
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • No need to worry about changing batteries or connecting to WiFi
  • Ethernet used for power and data connection

Automatic Alerts

Know when a student vapes.

  • Automatic alerts whenever vaping is detected
  • On-device intelligence ensures a low margin of error
  • Alerts are instantaneous allowing you to react quickly
  • Alerts can go to multiple people (eg. principal, nearby teacher, etc.)
  • Easily synchronized with security cameras.
  • Tested to detect vaping emitted from Juul, Puff Bar, SMOK, Vuse, and many other vape and THC emitting vape devices (dab pens)

Save Substantially

The Affordable Vape Detector.

  • The most affordable vape detector
  • Flexible volume discounts keep unit costs low.
  • We’ll help you write for state and federal grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Sense utilizes an array of sensors to notify school administrators to multiple events. The vape sensor is able to accurately gauge the likelihood and severity of vaping. When this level reaches a threshold determined by our engineers to be significant, an alert is automatically sent to the principal, nearby teacher, security officer, and anyone else you may designate.

3D Sense works best within a 150-square-foot range. 3D Sense is most effective if placed at the center of a room. We recommend one 3D Sense Vape Detector per regular size bathroom.

3D Sense relies on power and internet access through Power over Ethernet (PoE). Most schools are already equipped with PoE for use with security cameras. If you are not equipped, all it takes is a PoE injector and Ethernet cabling.

3D Sense works with the cloud to send an SMS text message and email alert of vaping, noise anomalies, and tampering. Users will be able to set up the email and phone number of whoever they want to receive the alerts (most often it is a teacher close to the bathroom and/or a school administrator). The alert will indicate the location where vaping is sensed. 

Notifications are sent to anyone you designate. You can choose who receives notifications from each device and each device can send alerts to multiple people (e.g., nearby teacher and front office).

Notifications are sent via text message, email, app notification, and VMS alerts.

Triton Sync integrates with the most common VMS and access control systems to streamline alerts and automatically trigger external cameras when an event is detected.

  • Easy to use dashboard and app
  • Affordable pricing
  • Highly accurate detection
  • 80%+ vaping reduction
  • Powerful deterrence
  • Industry-leading 10 year warranty
  • Dedicated customer support

Trusted Wordwide

A map representing Triton Sensors' US customers
  • 50 States
  • 15 Countries
  • Thousands of vapers stopped



Easy Install: Installing involves no more than cutting  a hole in the desired ceiling and connecting 3D Sense to Ethernet.

Advanced Sensors: Vape is detected by an advanced, highly accurate sensor with a far range.

Air Flow: A design that prioritized air flow means that chemicals reach the sensor quicker, enabling you to react quicker.


Smart Alerts: On-device intelligence determines when vaping is most likely and alerts you to it.

Real Time: Get alerts in real time with no delays.

Low False Positives: Smart on-device processing means 3D Sense will only send an alert when it is confident that there is vaping.

Adapts To You: 3D Sense harnesses the power of Machine Learning to better detect vaping and send fewer false alerts.

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