3D Sense - Noise Alerts & Keyword Detection

Alerts to words and sounds associated with violence and vandalism

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Noise Sensing (#11)

Keyword Alerts

Automatic alerts for keywords associated with violence, vandalism, and unwanted behaviors. Get alerts for up to 10 keywords to your phone or computer.

3D Sense only alerts to words said with intent in order to filter out false alerts.

Noise Incident Alerts

Alerts for when the room’s noise level spikes above the rooms average for a sustained period of time. Our testing shows these spikes can be associated with unwanted behaviors like bullying, vandalism, and assault.

Noise Thresholds

Set a decibel threshold and receive alerts for noises that exceed it. You can also configure the alarm to go off when a noise exceeds the threshold.

Noise Thresholds are ideal for spotting gunshots, fire crackers, loud screaming, and more.

Other Features & Alerts

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The Smart Safety Sensor

Noise Sensing (#11)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 3D Sense Detect?

3D Sense examines the environment for smoking cigarettes, vaping, and marijuana use. It also actively listens for noise incidents, decibel threshold violations, and keywords associated with violence. 3D Sense examines everything in the air on a microscopic level. With its advanced sensors and powerful analytics engine, 3D Sense sees things humans can't see or even smell.

How is 3D Sense Installed?

3D Sense installs easily with PoE, an industry standard. Setup is as easy as running cable and scanning a QR code.

How Do I Get Alerts?

3D Sense can be configured to alert you to multiple incidents. You can get alerts to your phone or computer with a text message, email, and the app. 3D Sense also integrates with many 3rd party camera and building systems to automatically trigger recording and send alerts to your VMS.

Is There A Subscription?

To support the cost of the cloud software, firmware updates, and sending alerts, 3D Sense requires an annual subscription.

How Can I Purchase 3D Sense

Reach out to us below and we will put you in touch with a certified Triton Partner to complete the sale.

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