3D Sense for Hotels

A proven solution to smoking, vaping, and noise incidents in your hotel

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Key Features

Smoking and Vaping

Cigarettes, Vapes, and Marijuana

Loud Noise and Parties

Anything from crying to parties

Smart Alerts

SMS, email, and app notifications

Full Reports

Comprehensive proof

New Hotel Revenue Stream

3D Sense is designed to alert hotels to vaping, smoking, and loud noise. It’s smart algorithm filters out false alarms from most cleaning products, colognes, and sprays. It can also detect when someone covers the sensor, or tries to tamper with or unplug it.

Customers using 3D Sense can generate over 400% more revenue from fees by detecting more smoking incidents and winning more credit card charge backs than before with our powerful sensors and reports.

This accounts to an additional six figures in revenue for an average hotel with a $250 cleaning fee.

Stay Ahead of Noise Complaints

Ensure an optimal guest experience with NoiseAware noise anomaly detection. NoiseAware is designed to enhance your hotel’s guest experience by ensuring the perfect balance between lively interaction and peaceful relaxation.

Set a decibel threshold for each device and receive an alert if it is exceeded.

Show guests that their comfort is your top priority and they’ll leave signing your praises.

Win Credit Card Charge Backs

Effortlessly provide detailed evidence of guest violations, such as excessive noise or unauthorized smoking.

Armed with our cutting-edge reporting feature, you’ll be able to expedite the claims settlement process, increasing the success rate of credit card chargebacks and protecting your hotel’s reputation. 

Fume Free Rooms

3D Sense is not a traditional smoke alarm. While smoke alarms are meant to detect emergencies, 3D Sense is a smoking and vape detector detects when guests violates your policies on smoking, vaping, and noise level.

Unlike traditional smoke alarms, 3D Sense detects when it is tampered with, unplugged, and when the sensor is covered. It is also not set off by shower steam, perfume, and cleaning spray that might set off normal vape detectors.

3D Sense

Key Features

Hotel Smoking Detector

Triton’s smoking detection algorithm is the result of 3 years of development and extensive real-world tests.

3D Sense delivers quick and accurate alerts for smoking cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, hookah, and more.

Hotel Vape Detector

Triton has been the trusted name in school vape detection since 2020. Our sensors outperform when it comes to detecting e-cigarette emission in hotels.

Advanced algorithms filter out colognes and cleaning products for optimal accuracy.

Loud Noise Alerts

Set noise thresholds to get alerts for anything from children playing to partying. Take action against potential noise complaints before they come. 

Smart Alerts and Reports

The Triton Sync Dashboard is the most comprehensive management platform for a hotel vape detector. Manage one building or hundreds. Configure detection sensitivity and integrate with 

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Increase revenue and keep guests comfortable

Hotel Sensor Interest (#9)

H3 uses a variety of sensors to detect incidents of smoking, vaping, and noise incidents. It powers via PoE and sends alerts through text, email, app notification, and third party software intrgrations.

H3 is most effective in an area of 12ft x 12ft for smoking and vaping. and 20ft x 20ft for noise. Detection outside of this range is possible but less accurate.

3D Sense H3 can send alerts by text message, email, app notification, and through third party software integrations.

Absolutely not. We take privacy very seriously and 3D Sense Pro never records or transmits audio. The embedded sensors only capture noise level to detect potential noise incidents.

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