Triton 3D Sense is an affordable vape detector for schools and hospitality.

A photo of the 3D Sense vape detector vape alarm for schools and hospitality

PoE Port

Installs in Any Ceiling


Machine Learning

Tamper Resistant Design

Advanced Airflow

3D Sense Vape Detector

3D Sense is a vape detector for schools that installs easily in any bathroom and alerts you to a range of disturbances. 

vape alarm

Smart Vape Detection

  • Advanced sensors detect vaping quickly
  • Real-time alerts keep you in the know
  • Low false-positives give you confidence
  • Get text and email alerts for vape, smoking, and air quality disruptions
  • Only one needed per room
The vape detector gives alerts and insights into vaping at your school.

Intelligent Insights

  • Use 3D Sense data to analyze where vaping is most prominent
  • Compare timestamps to security video and bathroom logs
  • Advanced AI for more accurate results and fewer false-positives
  • Formulate a plan to better prevent vaping
The vape detector comes with three years of a free cloud dashboard

The Software Makes it Simple

  • Vape Detector software designed with you in mind
  • Manage multiple devices
  • Assign contacts to each device right from the dashboard
The vape detector is much more affordable than other solutions

The Affordable Vape Detector

“Sales of e-cigarettes have surged since they entered the U.S. market around 2007, according to a recent surgeon general’s advisory. The devices have been the most popular tobacco product among U.S. youth since 2014, with youth more likely than adults to use e-cigarettes.” Triton Sensors offers you an advanced vape detector AI to stop vaping in it’s tracks.

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Countries Serviced

Triton Sensors is proud to assemble our vape detector in the United States but can ship to any country that the U.S. has trade relations with. This includes Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, and many more

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Vaping Facts

Vaping is a dangerous habit and a gateway to smoking cigarettes, according to the CDC.  The CDC says that 99% of vaping devices contain nicotine, an addictive chemical that alters the way the teenage brain works. It is estimated that above 40% of high schoolers and 20% of middle schoolers have tried e-cigaretts. Experts have gone as far as to call teenage vaping an epidemic in American schools. This is a worrisome trend that public health experts say can only be reversed with the buy in of parents, educators, and society. As an educator, there are many resources at you disposal to combat vaping in your school. See our resources page to learn how to get help for students struggling with vaping. 

"A New Generation Is Getting Hooked on Nicotine"- Johns Hopkins University Medicine

Vaping has lead to:

98+ Deaths

2,700+ Hospitalizations

250,000+ Teens Taking Up Smoking

$68+ Million in Damaged School Property

Unmeasurable Heartache for Millions of Parents and Educators

Vaping and COVID-19

The Pandemic is nearly behind us but ensuring student safety is still a top priority. According to a study by Stanford Medicine, those who vape are five times more likely to contract Covid-19. Student vaping also leads to congregating in cramped spaces for long periods of time. By combatting vaping you are combatting the spread of germs.

The Best Way to Fight Vaping

Vaping can not be stopped without fighting it on all fronts. This includes education, monitoring, reminders, and discipline. 3D Sense is a vape detector that works on many of these fronts to help combat vaping.

3D Sense continuously monitors its environment to detect vaping, smoking, and air quality disruptions. When vaping is detected, chosen contacts get an alert on their phone so they can investigate further.

3D Sense also works as a deterrent. Educators are encouraged to let their students know that vape detectors have been installed in their bathrooms and locker rooms and that any vaping from here on out will be detected.

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