3D Sense is an affordable vape detector for schools and hospitality.

A photo of the 3D Sense vape detector vape alarm for schools and hospitality


Advanced and affordable vape detection

3D Sense is a vape detector for schools that installs easily in any bathroom and alerts you to a range of disturbances. 

Vaping Is An Epidemic

Learn how 3D Sense fights it.


Vaping-related hospitalizations or deaths in 2020 (CDC)


Percent of high school students have used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days (FDA)

5.3 Million

Students currently using e-cigarettes (CDC)


young cigarette smokers started with e-cigarettes from 2013 to 2016 (UCSF)

Smart Vape Detection

  • Advanced sensors detect vaping quickly
  • Real-time alerts keep you in the know
  • Low false-positives give you confidence
  • Get text and email alerts for vape, smoking, noise anomalies, and tampering
  • Only one needed per room
Use our 3D Sense vape detector to determine where vaping in your school is problematic. This vape alarm can also used as a deterrent.

Intelligent Insights

  • Use 3D Sense data to analyze where vaping is most prominent
  • Compare timestamps to security video and bathroom logs
  • Advanced AI for more accurate results and fewer false-positives
  • Formulate a plan to better prevent vaping
3D Sense is the most affordable vape detector vape alarm for schools and detects vaping

Doesn't Break the Bank

  • Half the price of other detectors
  • Easy install, no special tools needed
  • Average school saves $3,200.

"Secondhand 'smoke' exposure from vaping could cause asthmatic and other respiratory reactions, as well as eye and throat irritation. Possibly hazardous chemicals released by e-cigarettes – such as nicotine, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, cancer-causing chemicals and ultrafine particles – can end up deep in the lungs"

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US News & World Report

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Vape detectors for your school for 50% less

"By 2019, a quarter of 12th graders were vaping nicotine, nearly half of them daily. Daily vaping rose in all three grades surveyed — eighth, 10th and 12th"

The New York TImes


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