Introducing Triton ULTRA


Quickly and Accurately Detect Vaping, Vandalism, and Violence in School Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

And Much More

Trusted By 1000+ Schools and Districts

Detect Vaping and THC

For when manually monitoring bathrooms and locker rooms is too time and labor intensive

Vape Detection

Alerts in as few as 15 seconds

THC Detection

Including vaped and smoked THC

Cigarette Detection

Including cigarettes and other burnt nicotine

Leading Accuracy

80% fewer false alarms compared to other sensors

Detect Cutting Class and Bathroom Crowding

Enforce occupancy limits and know when students are loitering

Loitering Detection

For cutting class and more

People Counting

To enforce your policies

#1 Indicator

Loitering and high occupancy indicate bad behaviors

Motion Alerts

For unauthorized access

Instant Alerts for Distress, Fights, and Violence

65% of bullying and fights occur in bathrooms and locker rooms which are not reachable by security cameras

Keyword Alerts

For distress and emergencies

Scream & Shout

To identify violence

Gun Shots

Fast and accurate alerts


Aggressive noises and voices

Advanced Vandalism Detection

Vandalism costs U.S. schools $500 Million per year. Identify it and respond in real-time.

Glass Break

Advanced vandalism recognition

Decibel Alerts

For sound anomalies

Spray Paint

To catch vandals in real-time

Vandal Keywords

Keywords associated with vandalism

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All-In-One Real-Time Smart Sensor

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Improve Behaviors. Improve Outcomes.

Quick Facts

Vaping is associated with a 1.2 point lower GPA in high school students

65% of high school bullying and fights happen in private areas like bathrooms and locker rooms

Vandalism costs U.S. Schools $500 Million per year

Trusted Worldwide

See why ULTRA is the trusted vape detector for hundreds of schools across the globe.

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Complete Control. Easily Integrated.

See how our hardware and software work together seamlessly

Triton Integrations

Triton devices sync with our software and talk to your VMS

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Complete Safety In Private Areas

Protect Bathrooms, Locker Rooms and More with Triton ULTRA

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All-In-One Real-Time Smart Sensor


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