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Healthcare Sensor Interest (#10)
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Key Features

Keywords and Screams

Alerts for Distress

Air Quality and Health

Cigarettes, Vapes, and Marijuana

Smoking and Vaping

Among staff, residents, or guests

Smart Notifications

SMS, email, and app notifications

One Sensor for Complete Facility Health and Safety

Keywords, Screaming, and Loud Noise

Keyword Detection: 3D Sense intelligently listens for keywords associated with distress such as “help me.” Keywords are detected instantly and an alert is dispatched for you to take action immediately.

Noise Incidents: By continuously measuring the room’s noise level, 3D Sense quickly detects changes that may result from distress, aggression, or other events.

Decibel Alerts and Monitoring: Configure a decibel threshold and receive an instant alert if it is broken. Monitor decibel levels retroactively and get actionable insight about the noise level.

Air Quality and Health

Eight Metrics: Mesaure the air quality using Particulate Matter Index (PM1,  2.5, 4, and 10) VOC Index, Relative Humidity, and Temperature. Get key insights about about pollutants and chemicals associated with disease spread and respiratory issues.

Breath Easy: Ensure resident comfort with actionable insights and integrations to building management systems to adjust filtration and HVAC settings.

Smart Building: Use Air Quality Insights to dynamically improve efficiency and meet LEED and WELL standards.

Cigarettes, Marijuana, and Vape

Accurate Identification: From restrooms to break rooms, 3D Sense accurately detects a wide range of smoking substances, offering comprehensive coverage.

Leading Vape Detector: 3D Sense is trusted world-wide to keep facilities free of vape, marijuana smoke, cigarette smoke, and more.

Sensitivity Adjustment: The system allows you to adjust detection sensitivity according to your needs, ensuring the ideal balance between vigilance and privacy.

Comprehensive Proof: Download a full report of smoking or vaping activity to prove unwanted events.

Unplug Alerts, Tamper Alarm

Tamper Alarm: Get a instant alert and trigger a loud alarm if someone tries shaking, vandalizing, or unplugging the device.

Unplug Alerts: Alerts for when the device loses power or connection

Activity Alarm: Trigger the ultra-loud alarm to sound when unwanted events such as cigarettes or marijuana are detected. 

Triton Sync Dashboard

Dashboard and App: View and manage your devices from anywhere using the app or website dashboard. View room temperature, humidity, air quality, and more in real time.

Full Reports: Generate reports to prove unwanted activity and view trends to better enforce restrictions and allocate resources.

Multiple Buildings: Assign different users to view and manage different buildings

Alert Options: Get 3D Sense alerts via Text, Email, and App Notification and integrate with 3rd party video and building management systems.

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Healthcare Sensor Interest (#10)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 3D Sense Detect?

3D Sense examines the environment for smoking cigarettes, vaping, and marijuana use. It also actively listens for noise incidents, decibel threshold violations, and keywords associated with violence. 3D Sense examines everything in the air on a microscopic level. With its advanced sensors and powerful analytics engine, 3D Sense sees things humans can't see or even smell.

How is 3D Sense Installed?

3D Sense installs easily with PoE, an industry standard. Setup is as easy as running cable and scanning a QR code.

How Do I Get Alerts?

3D Sense can be configured to alert you to multiple incidents. You can get alerts to your phone or computer with a text message, email, and the app. 3D Sense also integrates with many 3rd party camera and building systems to automatically trigger recording and send alerts to your VMS.

Is There A Subscription?

To support the cost of the cloud software, firmware updates, and sending alerts, 3D Sense requires an annual subscription.

How Can I Purchase 3D Sense

Reach out to us below and we will put you in touch with a certified Triton Partner to complete the sale.

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