Frequently Asked Questions

3D Sense utilizes an array of sensors to notify school administrators to multiple events. The vape sensor is able to accurately gauge the likelihood and severity of vaping. When this level reaches a threshold determined by our engineers to be significant, an alert is automatically sent to the principal, nearby teacher, security officer, and anyone else you may designate.

3D Sense works best within a 15 feet radius. 3D Sense is most effective if placed at the center of a room. We recommend one 3D Sense Vape Detector per regular size bathroom, and at least two per locker room.

3D Sense relies on power and internet access through Power over Ethernet (PoE). Most schools are already equipped with PoE for use with security cameras. If you are not equipped, all it takes is a PoE injector and Ethernet cabling.

3D Sense works with the cloud to send an SMS text message and email alert of vaping, noise anomalies, and tampering. Users will be able to set up the email and phone number of whoever they want to receive the alerts (most often it is a teacher close to the bathroom and/or a school administrator). The alert will indicate the location where vaping is sensed. 

3D Sense comes with three years of free alerts. Users will receive unlimited free alerts for 3 years after the date of purchase. After three years, a 3D Sense subscription is $2/device/month to maintain the cost of our cloud services.

3D Sense was designed for simple installation, and in most situations, an IT Director and maintenance worker are more than qualified to install 3D Sense Vape Detectors.

Aside from vaping, 3D Sense can alert you to student smoking, tampering, and noise anomolies.

Notifications are sent to anyone you designate. You can choose who receives notifications from each device and each device can send alerts to multiple people (e.g., nearby teacher and front office).

Alerts are sent in the form of SMS text messages and emails. You configure who receives alerts when setting up 3D Sense but can change recipients and their contact information down the line.

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