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Atlas Air Quality Monitor

The most advanced commercial air quality solution

A photo of the 3D Sense vape detector vape alarm for schools and hospitality

Advanced Air Quality

Triton Atlas

Atlas is a comprehensive air quality solution for commercial and industrial applications of all types.

Use Atlas to ensure high air quality standards, meet WELL and LEED standards, and get custom AI-powered alerts to a range of conditions.

Breathe Easy

Eleven Metrics, One Device

Limitless Insights

Comprehensive Dashboard and AI Powered Alerts

  • ML Powered thresholds for all metrics
  • Visualize and Export Data
  • AI-Powered event recognition for:
    • vape detection
    • tampering
    • noise anomalies
  • Easily manage event contacts¬†

Air Quality Monitoring

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Application by Industry


Enable faster recovery and higher satisfaction with advanced air quality monitoring

Manufacturing & Warehouse

Ensure workplace safety and product quality

Higher Education

Ensure fewer absences, higher productivity, and less vaping


Improve guest satisfaction with advanced air quality insights

K-12 Education

Ensure fewer absences, higher productivity, and less vaping


Ensure guest comfort and satisfaction by adhering to high air quality standards

Office Space

Maintain air quality while meeting certification standards.

Other Applications

Monitor and Improve your air quality, no matter the industry

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