Amazon is an amazing online marketplace to purchase almost anything. The retailer lists about 350 Million items in its catalogue and many are available to ship the same day and arrive the next with Prime Shipping. However, there are still many items that you cannot order through Amazon and some that you can but should not.

With an increase in teenage vaping, many schools are turing to vape detectors to know when and where students are vaping. Vape detectors such as Triton’s 3D Sense have smart insights like showing you trends of what time and locations are more popular for vaping so they can better allocate resources to address this.

Vape detectors are usually sold directly to schools by their manufacturers or sold to schools through third party resellers who often do the installation as well. However, some schools chose to purchase vape detectors on ecommerce sites with no experience in vape detection such as Amazon. While Amazon is convenient, we do not recommend purchasing such products from them for a few reasons.

#1: No Support

When you purchase a vape detector from Amazon, you are not purchasing through a manufacturer or trusted dealer. Instead you have no human interaction during the buying process and therefore it is much harder to get support for installation and maintenance.

#2 Higher Prices

Amazon take a large portion of all sales made on the website. Because of this, companies that sell their vape detectors on the site raise the prices to cover this even though they provide no additional features. These higher prices mean many schools that purchase their vape detectors on Amazon often can not purchase as many as they would like to.

#2: No Warranty

Additionally, purchasing through a reputable seller usually comes with an extended warranty and a great relationship with customer support from the manufacturer. This support and warranty will likely not be present when buying on Amazon.

#3: No Shipping Benefits

Despite Amazon having free fast shipping on millions of items in its warehouses, vape detectors are not one of them. Vape detectors are shipping slowly from Amazon using snail mail and can take weeks to reach your door. We have even heard from customers that the vape detectors they ordered on Amazon did not ship for weeks. 

Triton Sensors highly recommend purchasing vape detectors and other school security products from authorized dealers. Triton Sensors has a vas network of trusted partners who assist schools in purchasing, installing, and using vape detectors all over the world.

If you would like to purchase vape detectors, it is better to request a quote so you know you will be getting the best price. You can even get a free demo device to evaluate before you make a commitment to purchase vape detectors.