Vapes are being used by more and more people.

In the US alone, around 4.5% of all adults over the age of 18 reportedly vape (according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention).

It’s led many governments, businesses and companies across the world to encourage the installation of vape detectors. This way, nuisance vapor can be detected anywhere from schools to nightclub bathrooms.

A 3D Sense Pro vape detector installed in a school ceiling

However, if you’re installing a vape detector yourself, you may be unsure of the best and most effective locations to place it. In this article, we provide essential guidance and advice.

Below, we look at how these devices work before looking at the best places to install vape detectors. We also provide advice on testing and checking your device once fitted.

If you’d like help and support installing vape detectors, why not contact us here at Triton Sensors? As specialists in this field, we have vast experience installing vape detection systems so we know the very best locations to install them.

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Understanding How A Vape Detector Works

At Triton Sensors, we take advantage of the latest and most effective technologies to provide an excellent vape detection service.

Built into our devices is a feature called 3D Sense. This allows the detector to gauge with accuracy the likelihood and significance of vaping.

Once a threshold is met, the sensor is activated and an alert is sent to all individuals responsible for enforcing the rules. In a school, for example, this could be a principal, teacher or security officer.

Vape detectors can pick up vapor emitted by all leading types of vapes and brands, including Puff Bar, SMOK, Juul, Vuse and THC-based vape devices too.

Installation of vape detectors requires internet access through ethernet cabling. It is also powered via this, so you don’t need to change batteries or connect it to WiFi.

Given that most organizations use security cameras, that same system can be extended to cover vape detectors too. This makes installation easy and quick.

If you’d like to request a free demo vape detector unit, just head here.

The Best Places To Install Vape Detectors

Vape detectors can be used and installed in any public space in which you need to monitor the use of vaping. They can include:

Our 3D Sense vape detectors work within a 150-square-foot range. To give you an idea of the size of this area, one vape detector would be enough for a regular-sized public bathroom.

Vape detectors should be placed in the centre of a room for the best effectiveness. They should also be placed well out of reach of anyone who may look to tamper or cover them up, though the devices produced here by Triton are rugged in design. We can also provide wire guards for extra protection.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and most effective locations to install vape detectors within some of these places listed above. 


One of the most common places we install vape detectors is in bathrooms. With these environments naturally being more private, with cubicles to hide behavior and less supervision from those responsible for the building, they’re the go-to places for indoor vaping.

Using CCTV in bathrooms is controversial for monitoring behavior, and that’s why a vape detector can be the answer to enforcing no smoking and no vaping rules. They’re discreet and unobtrusive.

In schools, students can excuse themselves from classrooms and try to vape in bathrooms when it’s quiet. Similarly, it’s not uncommon for groups of students and pupils to gather in these areas to vape, out of the sight of teachers.

In public spaces like airports and even airplanes, smokers may feel it a challenge to go long periods without smoking, and that’s why they may try to vape in bathrooms. Similarly, bars, restaurants and music venues may also see people vaping in bathrooms.

Enforcing a no vaping policy even in bathrooms is important. Many people do not see vaping as being harmful to others which may make them more inclined to smoke in public.

However, these products contain chemicals which have the potential to cause harm. One study, for example, found that lead and other metals from the heating coils mixed in with the vapor of some devices.

Questions have also been raised about the chemicals used for the flavorings of these products, which can change in unpredictable ways when heated.


Like bathrooms, quiet stairwells can also be go-to places for vapers. These ill-frequented places can be hubs for the likes of students and those in workplaces, as well as guests in hotels who are looking for a quick smoke.

Given the unusual shape of stairwells and their varying sizes, however, installing a vape detector in the right location is important. More than one may be required for effective use too.

Focusing on areas like landings or the bottom of stairwells where people are more likely to gather can prove effective. However, if you’d like advice on installing your vape detector, please get in touch for free at the number at the top of this page.

Hotel Bedrooms And Apartments

A big problem for hoteliers and those operating in this sector is the risk of people smoking in their hotel bedrooms.

It’s been a persistent problem for some time and that’s why many if not all hotels, motels and apartment buildings install smoke alarms in rooms. However, these devices do not have the modern, cutting-edge features that are seen in the likes of the vape detectors produced by us here at Triton Sensors.

The vape detectors that we manufacture can provide you with smart alerts sent to your phone or email inbox, and they can provide full and detailed reports to prove that people were vaping.

You can even use our vape detector to alert you to excessive noise and parties, a real issue for some who own apartment blocks and Airbnb rentals. And it can detect when someone tries to tamper, cover or unplug the device.

It’s led some of our hotel clients to increase their revenue by charging fees to those who smoke in their rooms.

Changing Rooms

Like bathrooms, changing rooms in the likes of gyms and leisure centres are also locations that are not generally covered by CCTV. It’s difficult to prove that someone was smoking unless reported by other people, making the policy hard to enforce.

If you install a vape detector here, however, you’ll be alerted to any smoking activities going on. Once pinged by the vape detector, you can then investigate and look to catch the culprit in the act.

How To Test A Vape Detector Once Installed

If using a Triton Sensor vape detector, one of the key features is its easy installation and testing.

Once set up, the simplest way to test a vape detector is to try vaping in the area in which it is located. This should trigger its sensitive mechanism and ping an alert to your phone or inbox.

Our devices do not run on batteries; they’re powered by ethernet cables which also keep them connected to the internet. This helps ensure better uptime for the detector as it doesn’t need to rely on WiFi.

This means that testing can easily be done over the electronic system that the vape detectors run on. If there’s an issue with a device, you can easily see the problem. We always recommend re-testing a vape detector if you’ve had an internet outage.

How Often Should I Check And Test My Vape Detector Once Installed?

If you use a vape detector manufactured by Triton Sensors, you’ll find that the checks you can make are simple and easy to do.

All vape detectors are connected by ethernet cables. This also provides power to the device. If any of them are not working, you can quickly see on the system where the fault may be. You can therefore check and test your devices daily with ease.

Get Help Installing Vape Detectors

If you’d like support installing vape detectors, Triton Sensors can help. With years of experience manufacturing and fitting these devices in all types of environments, we have the expertise required to provide an excellent service that works for you.

Whether you need to tackle vaping in your school, a public space like a changing room, or in commercial buildings like libraries or workplaces, we can help.

We understand the very best places to install vape detectors, how to install them in unobtrusive ways and how to ensure that you receive an uninterrupted and effective service that helps you enforce a no-vaping policy.

Reach out to us for free today using the number at the top of this page or write to us with your query by clicking here.

Key Takeaways On Installing Vape Detectors