Decatur County School District has chosen to implement the Triton Pro smart sensor platform to monitor bathrooms and other private spaces in order to combat vaping and drug use, fighting, bullying, and other prohibited behaviors. The advanced sensors and AI technology provided by Triton will enable the district to proactively identify and respond to incidents, ensuring a safer learning environment for students.

The decision to adopt Triton Pro comes as the district grapples with a growing problem of illicit activities taking place in school bathrooms and private areas. These incidents put student safety and well-being at risk and disrupt the educational process. Previously, the district relied on periodic checks by teachers and school resource officers, and reviewing security camera footage after the fact to address these issues. However, this reactive approach made it challenging to prevent incidents before they occurred. In some cases, schools would shut down specific bathrooms when they did not have the resources to physically monitor them.

Triton Pro offers a proactive solution by using advanced sensors to detect sounds associated with concerning activities in real-time. The platform can identify shouting, aggression, and cries for help, as well as recognize 10 unique distress keywords such as “help me” and “emergency.” When an incident is detected, Triton immediately sends targeted alerts to school staff, enabling rapid intervention.

The district’s decision to partner with Triton was facilitated by the company’s free demo program, 24/7 customer support, integration with its camera and access control system, and 10-year product warranty, which minimized the risk and uncertainty associated with adopting a new technology solution.

Since implementing Triton Pro, Decatur County schools have already seen a notable reduction in drug use, and safety incidents. The platform’s real-time alerts have enabled faster staff response times, deterring problematic behavior and helping students feel safer on campus. By analyzing trends over time, the district can also identify hotspots and patterns, allowing for targeted interventions and support services.

While no technology can completely eliminate these serious societal issues, Triton Pro has provided the Decatur County School District with a powerful tool to proactively address them. The county is just one of 17 in the state of Georgia that uses the Triton platform. Two counties are currently conducting a trial program with the Triton platform before choosing if they will expand it district-wide.