What is the ideal usage for 3D Sense? 

The most important question to ask when looking to purchase a solution to prohibited vaping is, “How sensitive are vape detectors?” 

After rigorous testing in our laboratories, we arrived at the result that 3D Sense is efficiently sensitive up to a distance of 7 feet in all directions – giving a range of a 15 ft diameter. Besides the distance, there are other contributing factors to the effectiveness of our product, such as the fluid flow of air in the room, if the cleaning staff happens to be consistently spraying the air with aerosol products, etc. We have designed 3D Sense in such a way that the device puts a high precedence on the density of the particles in the air – which has proven to be the most effective and efficient way of differentiating vape molecules from air molecules in the room.

Our unit is very sensitive to high density, large particulates – so, we do suggest waiting until after, or before, operating hours to use these aerosol products (if possible) to reduce the chance of false positives. The recommended range of 3D Sense, 15 ft in diameter, can be extended or compressed depending on the airflow of the room in which the product is installed. 

Many industrial and commercial bathroom settings are optimized for our product, as the ventilation is placed on one of the enclosing walls. To optimize the sensitivity and range of 3D Sense – we also recommend mounting the unit at approximately 7 feet, measured from the vent, on the ceiling so the moving air and vape molecules in the room are encouraged on a path towards the unit. This allows us to collect the most accurate data, increasing our confidence in our computational predictions before sending alerts. For more information about ventilation and the fluid flow of air, visit this link

When Triton was founded, we noticed that there was an absence in this market of an affordable, efficiently sensitive, and long-range air quality sensor to help combat the epidemic that is vaping. 3D Sense was designed with these things in mind, and we are working daily to improve the software and firmware behind our product.