End vaping in your school and let teachers get back to teaching.

In what many news outlets are calling “The Great Resignation”,  an exodus of schoolteachers is underway. According to the National Education Association, nearly 60% of teachers are considering leaving the profession – and many have already made the decision to do so.

The reasons for this are varied, but a large contributing factor is the stress that comes with the job. In addition to increasing class sizes and dwindling resources, teachers are called to carry many hats, including as bathroom monitors. With an ever increasing workload and little support, it’s no wonder so many teachers are burning out.

Although the initial cost of installing vape detectors may seem high, in the long run they can save schools money by reducing staff turnover and allowing teachers to focus on their work in the classroom. Vape detector devices can quickly and easily identify when someone is vaping on school property. By catching students in the act, vape detectors can help to deter vaping and keep schools safe. By catching students who are using vapes on school grounds, teachers can address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

In addition to helping with the staffing shortage, vape detectors can also provide a much needed sense of security for teachers. With the constant threat of violence, many teachers feel unsafe in their own classrooms. By knowing that there is a system in place to quickly identify and address any potential threats, teachers can feel  more secure and focused on teaching.

What do you think, are vape detectors a good investment for your school? Consider scheduling a consultation to see if 3D Sense is right for your school.