Download free anti-vaping posters

Print these ink efficient posters and hang them around your school.

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Learn more about 3D Sense

The smart, affordable vape detector for schools.

Vaping Is An Epidemic

Learn how 3D Sense fights it.


Vaping-related hospitalizations or deaths in 2020 (CDC)


Percent of high school students have used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days (FDA)

5.3 Million

Students currently using e-cigarettes (CDC)


young cigarette smokers started with e-cigarettes from 2013 to 2016 (UCSF)

The 3D Sense vape detector gives hyper-accurate alerts to vaping in school bathrooms and hospitality. Our vape alarm is very accurate.

Smart Vape Detection

3D Sense is the most effective tool in your arsenal when it comes to fighting vaping. Use it to both detect and deter vaping in bathrooms, locker rooms, and anywhere else students may vape.

Use our 3D Sense vape detector to determine where vaping in your school is problematic. This vape alarm can also used as a deterrent.

Intelligent Insights

Use 3D Sense alert data to analyze where vaping is most prominent and when it occurs most often.  Use this data to formulate a plan to better monitor hotspots and synchronize 3D Sense alerts with bathroom logs or security cameras to identify culprits after the fact.

Bullying and Vandalism Detection

3D Sense uses advanced on-device computing to analyze noise levels and will send an alert if it detects possible bullying, violence, or vandalism.

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