Study after study shows that vaping is a serious problem facing American students and those entrusted to educate them. One thing is clear: the teenage vaping epidemic will not go away without active intervention from school administrators. 

Teens Who Have Used E-Cigarettes in the Past 30 days (in Millions)

How We Can Help

Triton’s mission is to help school administrators make their schools a safe place. Early on, we took notice of the growth in teenage vaping and decided we needed to do something about it. After months of brainstorming, developing, and testing, we built 3D Sense, a device capable of detecting vaping and alerting administrators so they can react quickly. Of course, we were not the first to market with a vape detecting device, but we were still confident that ours was the most comprehensive and the most cost-effective. 

Knowing that vaping is a problem in all kinds of schools, we do not want price to be a reason for schools not to have the solutions they need to put a stop to it. While other vape detection device manufacturers charge more than $1,000 for each device, we are proud to charge less than half that, making us the most economical solution on the market. 

Like you, our mission is not to get students in trouble, but to help them stop vaping. For this reason, we acknowledge that 3D Sense is just one important tool in your arsenal to end the vaping epidemic within schools. With 3D Sense you can expect to see:

  • A sharp decrease in the number of students vaping in bathrooms within a month of the device being installed
  • Students who would normally be vaping spending more time in class
  • Less vandalism in bathrooms
  • Less of a need for teachers to periodically check for vaping in bathrooms
With 3D Sense, you can finally break free of the loop of punishing students just to have them continue vaping. With 3D Sense acting as a deterrent, students will be vaping less frequently, and many will realize the grip vaping has over their lives. From there, we encourage you to reach out to students struggling with nicotine withdraw symptoms and offer your support.

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