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Cigarette Smoke Detector (#12)
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3D Sense is a cigarette smoking detector, marijuana detector, loud noise sensor, and more. 3D Sense is trusted by hundreds of schools, landlords, and hotels worldwide.

3D Sense

Smoking and Vaping

Cigarettes, Vapes, and Marijuana

Loud Noise and Parties

Anything from crying to parties

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Cigarettes, Vaping, Marijuana, and More

Cigarette and Nicotine Detector

3D Sense’s cutting-edge sensors and machine learning algorithms can detect smoking and vaping as quickly as 15 seconds.

  • Get an alert in as little as 15 seconds
  • Works on tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke, and vape smoke
  • Covers normal room sizes
  • Easy to set up. Little to no maintenance
  • Industry leading warranty and support

Tobacco and Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoke is a common problem in hotels, apartments, casinos, schools, businesses, and more. 3D Sense uses a advanced technology to quickly and accurately identify these activities and send you a full report to take action.

  • Fast Detection – As Quick As 15 Seconds
  • Far Range – One Device Covers 100-150 sqft
  • Smart Alerts – Not Tricked By Steam, Cleaning Spray, or Perfume

Other Substances

While some smoking sensors only detect cigarette smoke, 3D Sense catches them all. From cigarette smoke to vape smoke to marijuana smoke, 3D Sense is able to detect them all while rejecting false positives like Lysol and steam

  • Marijuana / THC Detection for Smoking and Vaping
  • Detection of Vaped Nicotine
  • Doesn’t Pick Up Steam, Cleaning Sprays, or Perfumes

Tamper Alarm, Unplug Alerts

3D Sense intelligently detects when someone is trying to tamper with or unplug the unit. An loud alarm will sound if someone tries shaking, vandalizing, or unplugging the sensor. In the event that the sensor is unplugged or tampered with, you will receive an alert to take action quickly.

  • Tampering With, Vandalizing, Shaking the Device
  • Unplugging the Device
  • Covering the Sensor to Block Detection

Smart Alerts & Management

Detecting cigarette smoke is not enough. 3D Sense is the only cigarette smoke detector with Triton Sync, the best way to view and manage your devices and alerts. With Triton Sync, our users can effortlessly view all of their devices, assign notification recipients, view custom reports for multiple metrics, and get smoke detection alerts via email, text message, and mobile app notification. 

Other Features

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Cigarette Smoke Detector (#12)

Why Cigarette Smoke Detection?

7,600 Fires A Year From Cigarette Smoking

Tobacco smoking is not just bad for health and property values.  Cigarettes can remain hot for hours after they are discarded and thousands of fires are started a year from tenants improperly disposing cigarettes and falling asleep while smoking. Nicotine detectors are essential to mitigating this risk.

According to FEMA, 7,600 smoking-related fires occur each year in residential buildings in the U.S.

Installing cigarette smoke detectors like 3D Sense to enforce your non-smoking policy is critical to mitigating your building’s fire risk.

Protect Your Property and Property Value

Cigarette smoke can damage your property and hurt property values in multiple ways.

  • Odors from tobacco smoke cling on to carpets, walls, and curtains and can be difficult and expensive to remove. These odors can signal lower quality to potential renters or buyers
  • Damage and Residue from smoking can stain walls, ceilings, furniture, and appliances which can be expensive to clean or replace
  • Increased Maintenance Costs come from the need for more cleaning and refurbishments between tenents

Save on Insurance Premiums

  • Risk Mitigation: Properties equipped with cigarette smoke detectors have a lower risk of experiencing a fire, which can lead to reduced insurance costs.

  • Preventative Measures: Insurance companies often offer discounts for preventive safety measures. Just as security systems might lower the cost of theft insurance, cigarette detectors can potentially lower the cost of fire insurance.

Promote A Drug-Free Environment

  • Marijuana and Cigarette smoke are not just dangerous the smokers health, but also very dangerous in the form of second hand smoke
  • Use 3D Sense to detect vaping, smoking, and more in schools, hotels, apartments, and other environments
  • Show parents, board members, and stakeholders that you are doing something about the teenage nicotine crisis

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does 3D Sense Detect?

3D Sense examines the environment for smoking cigarettes, vaping, and marijuana use. It also actively listens for noise incidents, decibel threshold violations, and keywords associated with violence. 3D Sense examines everything in the air on a microscopic level. With its advanced sensors and powerful analytics engine, 3D Sense sees things humans can't see or even smell.

How is 3D Sense Installed?

3D Sense installs easily with PoE, an industry standard. Setup is as easy as running cable and scanning a QR code.

How Do I Get Alerts?

3D Sense can be configured to alert you to multiple incidents. You can get alerts to your phone or computer with a text message, email, and the app. 3D Sense also integrates with many 3rd party camera and building systems to automatically trigger recording and send alerts to your VMS.

Is There A Subscription?

To support the cost of the cloud software, firmware updates, and sending alerts, 3D Sense requires an annual subscription.

How Can I Purchase 3D Sense

Reach out to us below and we will put you in touch with a certified Triton Partner to complete the sale.

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