A photo of the 3D Sense vape detector vape alarm for schools and hospitality

3D Sense Vape Alarm

The 3D Sense is a vape alarm for schools that sends an alert every time a student vapes.

Vape Alarm Made For Schools

  • Detects Vaping and Smoking

    3D Sense uses proprietary sensors to detect a range of events including vaping, smoking, and sound anomalies and will send an automatic alert when detected.

  • Highly Accurate

    3D Sense is engineered to have a very high accuracy rate and a very low margin of error. On-device intelligence ensures low false positives and strong confidence.

  • Real-Time Notifications

    Get an alert to your phone as soon as 3D Sense detects an vaping, smoking, sound anomalies, or tampering.

  • Easy Install

    3D Sense can be installed in virtually any bathroom or locker room. It's as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable.

  • Best Price

    3D Sense is the most affordable vape alarm on the market by 50%, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Sense utilizes an array of sensors too notify school administrators to multiple events. The vape sensor is able to accurately gauge the likelihood and severity of vaping. When this level reaches a threshold determined by our engineers to be significant, an email is automatically sent to the principal, nearby teacher, security officer, and anyone else you may designate.

3D Sense has a proprietary tamper-detection sensor which will immediately pick up on any attempted tampering and sound an alarm until tampering is no longer detected. It will also send an alert just as it would if it detected vaping or bullying.
3D Sense will work in any indoor environment. However, 3D Sense is usually used in bathrooms and locker rooms since they are unable to be monitored by a security camera.
We’ve tested 3D Sense vigorously to ensure accuracy and range. Based on our testing, we recommend installing one device per bathroom in your school and two devices in bathrooms larger than 20 ft. by 20 ft.
Yes. We’re certain of the quality and longevity of 3D Sense. 3D Sense is backed by a worry-free 5 year warranty against all defects.
3D Sense is proudly the most affordable vape detector for sale. Other vape detection companies often sell their devices to middlemen and up-sellers that artificially inflate prices. We don’t take this approach. All 3D Sense devices are sold by Triton Sensors directly to schools. Because middlemen aren’t part of our business model, we are able to sell 3D Sense for substantially less than other vape detectors.



Easy Install: Installing involves no more than cutting  a hole in the desired ceiling and connecting 3D Sense to Ethernet.

Advanced Sensors: Vape is detected by an advanced, highly accurate sensor with a far range. Noise anomalies are detected by a microphone and processed on-device in real time.

Air Flow: A design that prioritized air flow means that chemicals reach the sensor quicker, enabling you to react quicker.


Smart Alerts: On-device intelligence determines when vaping is most likely and alerts you to it.

Real Time: Get alerts in real time with no delays.

Low False Positives: Smart on-device processing means 3D Sense will only send an alert when it is confident that there is vaping.

Free Forever: We don’t believe in reoccurring fees. Once you buy 3D Sense, it is yours forever. No subscription required. 

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