One of the biggest headaches for many teachers and school staff right now is student vaping. Vape devices, promoted as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, have become popular among young students in both middle schools and high schools.

With their tasty flavors and colorful packaging, they’re easy to consume and, given the presence of nicotine, can become addictive. 

Most if not all schools adopt a no-smoking and no-vaping policy. However, vaping is harder to police and many times, students vape in the safety of bathrooms, away from the eyes of supervisors.

It’s for these reasons that we here at Triton Sensors developed our vape detector for schools, which can be used in bathrooms.

In this guide, we explain how bathroom vape detectors work, why they’re important, the costs involved, and how you can get support with the likes of grants. 

Why Bathrooms?

Bathrooms in schools have become hotspots for vaping among students. These are generally more private spaces and beyond the immediate supervision of school staff. 

Given that vaping doesn’t produce much of a smell and no smoke, staff would be none the wiser if a student was vaping in a cubicle, for instance. That’s where bathroom vape detectors come into play.

How Do Bathroom Vape Detectors Work?

Vape detectors work in much the same ways as smoke detectors, only with their advanced technology, they can detect even the slightest hints of vapor. 

Most detectors have internal sensors that activate the device once a certain threshold is met. Rather than sound an alarm, they trigger an alert which gets pinged to all supervising members of staff. This helps reduce false alarms and also gives school officials a chance to catch the bad behavior in the act. 

The vape detectors we sell here at Triton Sensors also benefit from our 3D Sense technology. This allows you to detect tobacco smoke and THC too. They even have the ability to monitor noise levels, which can help with bullying. 

Why Do Schools Need Vape Detectors For Their Bathrooms?

So why is it important for schools to install vape detectors?

Vaping is a growing habit among middle schoolers and high schoolers. One study into the issue described it as an ‘epidemic’ among 10-19-year-olds. The loosely regulated vape market is allowed to advertise in colorful ways, which appeal to children and young people. Vapes also come in a range of appealing flavors, which again cater to a younger audience.

The reality is that while vaping is better health-wise than smoking tobacco, it can still cause problems. 

In 2019, NBC News reported the story that 22 people had been hospitalized with breathing difficulties linked to vaping. Doctors likened the condition to pneumonia. However, the damage was more severe and treatment didn’t help, with some requiring the use of oxygen.

Doctors cautioned that as teen lungs are still developing, those who vape could experience lasting damage and dysfunction. 

Essentially, it comes down to a safeguarding issue. If schools allow children to vape while under their supervision, knowing it can do them harm, they could be held accountable. It works in much the same way as enforcing no tobacco policies.

Case Studies On Efficacy Of Bathroom Vape Detectors

It’s all well and good discussing the theory behind bathroom vape detectors for schools, but how well do they work?

We’ve conducted a number of case studies to test the efficacy of using detectors and the results have proven fascinating. 

In one study which we conducted with Match Charter Schools in 2022, our vaping detectors were able to help reduce vaping events by 80% in just 17 weeks. 

The group of schools said it was experiencing an epidemic of vaping use, particularly in bathrooms which are beyond the direct supervision of school staff. However, after installing 21 units in a mixture of both middle schools and high schools, they began to notice a drop off after just 5 weeks, with the decline continuing after that. 

The technology used in our 3D Sense vape detectors allowed the schools to identify hotspots for vaping activity and the most popular times. Armed with that information, they were able to enforce the policy more effectively. 

We also conducted another case study with Luling High School in March 2023. The school was struggling with a significant vaping issue, as well as drug use. The main hotspots were bathrooms, locker rooms and stairwells, all difficult places to police. 

The school installed a vape detection network involving 27 detectors. In the first two weeks, they recorded an incredible 900 vaping incidents. In 5 weeks that had fallen to 300, and in the final week of the study it had dropped to 151. This worked out as an 83% drop in just 10 weeks. 

So based on these two in-depth studies, schools can likely see a reduction of around 80% in vaping with the help of our devices. 

How Much Do Bathroom Vape Detectors Cost Per Year?

Depending on which brand you go for, vape detectors can cost thousands of dollars or a few hundred. It also depends on what kind of service you need and how many detectors you require. 

However, if you’re just looking to provide coverage for bathrooms and not other parts of your school, the costs should be very reasonable—if you can find the right deal. Here are some factors you should consider before purchasing:

School budgets are often tight and cost is almost always a factor. It’s why we decided when designing our vape detectors to make them easy to install and reasonably priced by making use of the best technologies possible. 

You can get a free quote here and you can also request a demo kit so you can test it out. We also have a detailed guide on the cost of vape detectors which you can check out here. 

Can I Get Help With The Cost Of Bathroom Vape Detectors?

You will be both pleased and relieved to hear that it’s possible to get help with the cost of vape detectors in the form of government grants. 

In recent years, the federal government has extended funds to help curb health issues like vaping in young people. 

At present, you can try to source funding for your school under the CARES Act which relates to air quality, school safety grants, and access to funds under anti-bullying grants. It’s also possible to try to secure private grants from alumni, as well as crowdfunding.

You can head here to see our in-depth guide to funding vape detectors

Buy Cost-Effective Bathroom Vape Detectors For Schools And Get A Free Quote

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to read more about bathroom vape detectors for schools and how you can use them to tackle vaping issues, you may want to make a purchase. If so, we can help you here at Triton Sensors.

We offer a complete service to help you get your sensors set up in your school. You can request a free quote here or you can also click the “Request A Demo” button at the top of this page to sign up for a 30-day free trial.

If you have any questions at all, such as over costs, then get in touch. We offer support in helping you with grants for vape detectors, and in our free consultation we can advise you on what you need so you don’t overspend. 

Key Takeaways On Bathroom Vape Detectors And Schools