As an educator, you take your responsibility to foster the next generation very seriously. You care about the health, well-being, and future of every one of your students. Not only do you want them to succeed in and out of the classroom but also in life.

Academic Performance

Vaping poses a very serious threat to the future of not just those who use e-cigarettes but also those around them. Not only does it carry many well-documented adverse health effects but it also creates a dependency on nicotine that disrupts a student’s ability to perform at their highest potential. Not only is this an injustice to that student but it hinders the learning environment and hurts the education of all those involved. According to the Truth Initiative, 2/3 of teachers say vaping impacted school events. The initiative quotes one teacher as saying, “…I have noticed students coming to my class right after having vaped. Their attention span and focus was noticeably affected, affecting the classroom dynamics and even my teaching goals for the day.”

Peer Pressure

We hear from teachers and educators often how vaping leads to misbehavior that disrupts the classroom environment. It also means students who vape are spending less time in class and more in the bathroom. Peer pressure to vape is also at an all-time high. Despite FDA regulations, a whole assortment of vapes have not been prevented from getting into the hands of students. The vaping industry is targeting young people with its advertising and flavoring, making it even more difficult for educators to address the issue. Now that they come in disposable form, vapes are more prevalent than ever in schools and students leaving class to use them with their friends is at an all time high.

What Can Be Done

As vaping becomes more popular, it’s important to be aware of the dangers it poses and what you can do as an educator to help prevent your students from vaping. One way to protect your students is by using a vape detector like 3D Sense. Our vape detectors are designed specifically for schools and have been shown to be effective in settings that are most popular for teen vaping. Learn more about 3D Sense and its proven vape mitigation benefits here.