Decatur County Schools Chooses Triton to Safeguard Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Decatur County School District has chosen to implement the Triton Pro smart sensor platform to monitor bathrooms and other private spaces in order to combat vaping and drug use, fighting, bullying, and other prohibited behaviors. The advanced sensors and AI technology provided by Triton will enable the district to proactively identify and respond to incidents, […]

Where Are The Best Places To Install Vape Detectors

Vapes are being used by more and more people. In the US alone, around 4.5% of all adults over the age of 18 reportedly vape (according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention). It’s led many governments, businesses and companies across the world to encourage the installation of vape detectors. This way, nuisance vapor […]

What Chemicals Are In Vapes: Separating Fact From Fiction

As vapes and e-cigarettes are becoming more widely smoked, greater focus has been placed on the ingredients used to make them and whether they pose a health risk. So, what chemicals are in vapes exactly? In this guide, we take a comprehensive look. We examine whether these chemicals are harmful, and explore the different types […]

How to detect tenants smoking cigarettes in your apartment

An apartment with smoke coming out of the windows

Are you a landlord or property manager struggling to detect tenants smoking cigarettes in your apartment? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide provides practical tips and tricks to help you identify smoking in your rental property and take appropriate action.

What are Dab Pens? An Intro for School Officials

Recent data shows that 11% of middle and high school schoolchildren use some form of tobacco product. But what about vape devices and dab pens? Teachers and other educational professionals find it hard to control the influx of different types of dap pens in schools as they are lots of designs. This makes it challenging to identify […]