How to detect tenants smoking cigarettes in your apartment

An apartment with smoke coming out of the windows

Are you a landlord or property manager struggling to detect tenants smoking cigarettes in your apartment? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide provides practical tips and tricks to help you identify smoking in your rental property and take appropriate action.

What are Dab Pens? An Intro for School Officials

Recent data shows that 11% of middle and high school schoolchildren use some form of tobacco product. But what about vape devices and dab pens? Teachers and other educational professionals find it hard to control the influx of different types of dap pens in schools as they are lots of designs. This makes it challenging to identify […]

Triton Sensors Awarded Vendor Status on TIPS and NYC DOE, Simplifying Vape Detector Purchasing for Schools and Resellers with Pre-Negotiated Contracts

Triton Sensors, a leading manufacturer of innovative vape detectors, is proud to announce that we have been awarded Vendor status on The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) and the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE). This significant milestone will make it easier for schools and resellers across the nation to access and purchase our […]

Should You Buy A Vape Sensor on Amazon

Amazon is an amazing online marketplace to purchase almost anything. The retailer lists about 350 Million items in its catalogue and many are available to ship the same day and arrive the next with Prime Shipping. However, there are still many items that you cannot order through Amazon and some that you can but should […]