Enabling Keyword Recognition on 3D Sense Pro

Please note: keyword recognition is only available on the 3D Sense Pro vape detector.

To enable keyword recognition on your device, download the TritonSetup.msi software to your Windows 10 PC and run the installer. This will install the keyword model, and also set up a UDP firewall rule for ports 44440-444459.

Next, determine the IP address on the Windows PC by opening a command prompt window, typing “ipconfig”, and searching for the address corresponding to the IPv4 Address, then enter this address into the “Audio Server” field on Trion Sync and click “send”.

Enter the local port you would like the information for the information to be streamed to, then click “send”.

Finally, turn the “Audio Streaming” button on, and the keyword recognition will be enabled. Please keep in mind that the Triton Keyword Processing software can only handle 20 devices at a time, for customers that have more than 20 devices, an additional PC will need to run the Windows application.

To designate which devices will correspond to which PC, please edit the UDP firewall rule that is automatically created to limit the number of ports. For example, if the first 20 devices are linked to PC #1, change the UDP firewall rule to only act on port 44440(and setting this port for those devices in the Triton Sync Controls section), while the second 20 devices are linked to PC #2, change the UDP firewall rule to act on port 44441 and set this port as the communication channel for the corresponding devices on Triton Sync. 

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