Milestone xProtect Integration Guide

1) To Integrate with Milestone xProtect, first open the Milestone xProtect Mangaement

Client, and select “Yes”, when prompted if you would like to save changes .

2) Next, go to Servers > Recording Servers. Select your server, and click the Network tab.

Check Enable Public Access. Then, enter your Public IP Address and Public Port for

receiving events.

3) Next, enter the networking information to the corresponding fields, under the Integrations

tab on the Triton Sync Dashboard.

4) Next, back on the Milestone interface, go to Security > Basic Users. Right click on the

Basic User area, and click Create Basic User. Then, enter a username, password, and

uncheck “Force Basic User to change password on next login.” Click OK.

5) Back on the Triton Sync Dashboard, under the Integrations tab, enter that same

username and password into the corresponding fields and click save.

6) On the Milestone interface, go to Security > Roles. Right-click on the Roles area and

click Add Role. You may give the role any name and description, then click OK.

7) Select the new role in the list, and go to the Users and Groups tab. Click Add > Basic

User, then select the basic user you have created earlier and click OK.

8) Go to the Overall Security tab, select User-defined Events in the list and click the

checkbox for Allow Full Control.

9) Now to create User Defined Events. Go to Rules and Events > User-defined Events.

Right-click on the User-defined events area and click Add User-defined Event.

10) Copy the device ID from Triton Sync for the device that you would like to set up(this step

will need to be repeated for each device), paste the device ID as the event name and

click OK.

11) To create Rules, go to Rules and Events > Rules. Right-click on the Rules area and click

Add Rule. Name the event and then select perform an action on <event>. In the Edit the

rule description area, click the event link.

12) Select Events > External Events > User-Defined Events > {event name}. This will have

to be completed for each event created in step (10). Click Ok, then click Next.

13) Choose any condition that you would like, and customize as needed in the Edit the Rule

Description section, then click Next.

14) Choose actions to perform, customize as needed in the Edit the rule description section,

then click Next

15) Choose any stop criteria you would like, customize as needed in the Edit the rule

description section, and then click Finish.

Your devices are now integrated into Milestone xProtect and will trigger the

events/rules as you have defined them. Please contact Triton Support for further assistance.

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