How to Enable Alert Trigger Rules in Triton Sync

Configuring a Rule on the Triton Sync Dashboard

The Triton Sync Dashboard allows you to set up rules for your devices. These rules can trigger alerts based on specific events. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a rule.

Step 1: Access the “Manage Alerts” Tab #

After logging into your account on the Triton Sync Dashboard, click on the device you would like to set the rule for and navigate to the “Manage Alerts” tab.

Step 2: Add a New Rule #

Click on the “Add” button to create a new rule.

Step 3: Set Rule Name #

Enter a name for your rule. This name should be descriptive of the alert condition, for example, “Vape Detected”.

Step 4: Set the Trigger #

Select the trigger for your rule. This is the event that will cause the rule to be evaluated. For instance, you might choose the “Vape Detected” event.

Step 5: Set the Rule Condition #

Choose the condition that will trigger the rule. In this case, you might select “equal to”.

Step 6: Set the Value #

Set the value that will trigger the rule. For the “Vape Detected” example, this would be “true”.

Step 7: Acknowledgement Preferences #

Select your preferred acknowledgment settings. If you’re alerting multiple people, this setting allows other contacts to know if one person has acknowledged the alert.

Step 8: Add Contacts for the Rule and Choose Notification Method #

Click “Add Contact” and select the users or contacts you want to alert when this rule is triggered. These should be users or contacts that you have previously added to your account.

After adding a contact, you will have the option to choose how they are notified when the rule is triggered. Options include:

Push notification: The contact will receive a notification through the Triton Sync Dashboard mobile app.

SMS message: The contact will receive a text message alert.

Email alert: The contact will receive an email alert. This can be either an HTML or text-based email.

Choose the method(s) that best suit the contact’s preferences and the urgency of the rule.

Step 9: Copy Rule (Optional) #

If desired, you can choose to copy this rule to all devices on your account.

Step 10: Save the Rule #

Once you’ve configured the rule to your liking, click “Save” to store the rule.

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